Parallel 45 is a 501(c)3 theatre company that brings nationally recognized theatre artists to the northern Michigan region. We believe that by engaging in public and collective acts of imagination, the theatre helps us to remember where we have been, understand where we are today, and examine where we are going. By producing a repertoire of innovative new works, reinvented classics, and imaginative adaptations, Parallel 45 seeks to entertain, encourage critical thought, and inspire.



Parallel 45 believes the timeless tenet that you can look at the past, but you shouldn’t stare. Theatre provides the opportunity to examine the present and explore the future through a re-imagining of the past. Parallel 45 reinterprets classic plays and musicals that speak to our situation as much today, as they help us to imagine it tomorrow.


We are a group of artists who, having established ourselves as professionals in cities across the country, missed the incredible beauty of northwest Michigan. Our answer: to combine the adventurous and dynamic theatre culture of the city with the still grace of the northern Michigan landscape.


We are dedicated to bringing, talented, open-hearted, hard-working artists to join in the celebration of northern Michigan and contribute to its thriving arts culture.

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Parallel 45 Strategic Plan